Sounds of the Tribes


Today I was filming at an event that I was fortunate enough to be asked to come along to. - I'm so glad I agreed.

The event was called The Sounds of the tribes and it was an ode to Africa and those of African descent. –It opened my eyes.

I realised that Afreecadotco is part of the rumblings of a movement. The underbelly of something bigger. I of course realise that I was not alone in a want to see development in Africa. There are plenty of governments, organisations and institutes invested in the same pursuit. Even many like myself.

The problem is that we are many voices in an ocean. Only when we unite will we see true progress. Tonight I saw and spoke to so many who in their own way are contributing something, and while I felt the sincerity and power of all they did, I felt all the more frustrated that we cannot take more action.

Afreecadotco is intended to unite those voices and I feel that sharing as many stories as possible may be for now the only way to do that, to have those voices heard by more voices so that they may synchronise and create waves.

Some of the people I had the great pleasure of watching were JJ Bola, spoken word artist and author of No Place to Call Home, and DJ Omah Noah, who's musical stylings kept the atmosphere buzzing. I also enjoyed hearing from the founder of, Tribe Diaspora, and event organiser, Suen at his first event about why he did it. All housed under the Busta Mantis bar& restaurant.

To me the whole evening was a moving display of unity amongst African nations, maybe a reflection of a hope for the African continent, but the best part was the live band – and the atmosphere of the Busta Mantis bar. Inspired by the owners Jamaican heritage, it's not too fancy schmancy. Just simple, nice, clean and most importantly for me – relaxed. A fairly tucked away place in Deptford.

After today I am sure that with or without the efforts of Afreecadotco and others like us, that eventually a pan-African unity and peace and prosperity will become a reality. I am excited to share with you some of the conversations I had tonight in future posts and to explore more possibilities.


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