BookClub: The Autobiography of Malcom X

The Autobiography of Malcom X is an account of his own life in his own words.

A man that went by many names during his life. Born Malcolm Little, nicknamed Red (amongst others), liberated as Malcom X and finally converted to El-hajj Malik El-Shabazz when he found traditional Islam during his trip to Mecca.


Born into the era of segregation and racism of America and faced with all the obstacles in life that would make most people give up before they even started his story is a inspiring one of perseverance. A man that was forever shape shifting to survive, open to change, and taking on each life experience as a lesson learnt.

Not always correct in his thinking and ideologies but a powerful and gracious leader non-the-less.

I must admit that while reading his story I found it difficult to not draw parallels between his life and my own (minus the life of crime) and even between his time and today’s age.

Maybe that’s why his story resonated so deeply with me but I don’t doubt for a second that it would be an inspiring read for anyone!

Having said that, I must say, especially if you are black this book can provide of a valuable contribution in the context of your life today!


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