Business & Finance 3: Time management

What are you doing with your time?:

It feels like everything in my life has led me to this moment. To afreecadotco. It’s funny in these times the things you remember. Mr. Marshal, my high school music teacher, once led our morning assembly. There he shared with us a story. One that I’ve since heard told many time by different people:

If someone gave you £24,000 every day for the rest of your life, what would you do with that £24,000 everyday?

Typical answers would probably sound something like “I’d invest it” “I’d save it up to buy…” “I certainly wouldn’t waste it” “I might spend a bit on myself and the rest on…”

Well we’re given 24 hours everyday! What will you do with those 24 hours?



I’ve given much though to the value of both money and time and internally (and out loud) debated which is more valuable. My personal opinion is that time is more valuable but that is not the point.

Nobody can dispute that they are the two most valuable commodities that have ever existed – and short of humanity going extinct at the hand of AI – they will continue to be. Thus we all recognise the importance of managing these two things.

Now I will argue the value of time over money:

The concept of money management is one that many of us recognise and with some or much effort will eventually be able to master. However, time management is often given second priority, worse yet it’s even made light of.

We’ve all heard the term “BMT” (black mans timing). So popular is this line of thinking in fact, that when I was going to volunteer in Kenya the point was made clear – although without the use of those words – to expect a different attitude towards time.

As someone who once was shamefully ALWAYS (and still sometimes even now) running late to everything, I have made a pain-staking effort to improve.

Thankfully I can say that I am a lot better. At work currently I’m facing a new challenge. That is managing my workload within a set period of time. Probably not new in general but I’m taking it as an opportunity to practice and master effective time management.

Finally, today – infact just a moment ago – I came out of my monthly #AGT (Achieving goals together) meeting. Which I will discuss further in a later post but what I wanted to mention was that this month’s host (Our 7th host in its 7 months of running) decided to utilise the session for R&D. In order to ascertain what we could be doing better. Coincidentally this month I invited a stranger to the group. We had a really positive and energetic meeting and it ran over by about an 1.5 hours (worth it).

He’s now awaiting feedback from all of us and has posed to us three questions. The first being ‘what could we do better?’.

My guest was quick to give her feedback: She (Hi Prisca!) firstly tells me how much she enjoyed the meeting but then follows with her advise. She said was that the meeting time should be managed better. She had other bits of advise which I’ll reserve for the host but what I took away from it was this:

In everything that we do, with every stride that we take to achieve our goals, we must take time! With that comes the responsibility of managing our time.

I told you already, I am learning effective time management, however I am realising that even before, with my conviction that time is THE most valuable commodity, I was not seeing the bigger picture.

We have not 24 hours in a day. But we have a set number of hours in a lifetime.
When we talk about money management we often talk about saving! You save your money now, to invest later, to profit after.

Well I spent my childhood saving my time, spending it slowly. Now I am investing it wholly, and later I want to reap the rewards.

Invest your time. Invest in yourself.


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