Afreeca: Do you see this? 

As a 24 year old Londoner I rarely get a moment when I get to be truly alone. I unfortunately and luckily still live with my family so there I’m rarely alone. Public transport is my main mode of travel and I work in the service industry and so I’m always with people. This may drive some people insane but I have always enjoyed the company of others even when in silence. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a moment alone to ponder though. So here I am, alone. Pondering and I find myself thinking only about what everyone else – and I literally mean EVERYONE -is doing in this same instance. We are currently living together and yet completely apart!

If you’re wondering how the first paragraph relates to the title, I’ll explain. At work the other day while trying to explain to a colleague what my mission here is, I got side tracked and forgot to mention the most important point. That is – who I’m talking to through this blog. Unfortunately trying to explain what I’m talking about or would like to talk about hasn’t been all that successful. Even though I have an about page and have begun to post content people don’t fully understand my vision. So who am I talking to?

You, for one. If you have stumbled across this, I am also talking to you but primarily I am talking to people between the ages of 18 and 30. As they are the most likely to migrate from their country of origin to another in search of better prospects such as work, love and life(style). In London I constantly encounter these people, maybe you’re one of them. They are everywhere. My parents were those people. People in that age group are the biggest driving force of the worlds economy. Not only do they contribute by earning but also by living. It is also the most likely age group to be the prime mover of social change. I

Every government must recognise the advantage of having young able minds and bodies being put to use from around the world. Now thinking about these movers and shakers I’m talking about. Where do they come from and where do they go? This I’ll answer another time. All I care to say is they are an important force and one that is much needed in Africa. Unfortunately, there seems to be the place least considered by that age group. So I think I’ve touched on this briefly in a previous post but I’ll say it again. To the dormant entrepreneurs struggling to realise your dreams, go and seek your blue sky’s in Africa, you will be doing both yourself a favour and contributing to development if you care to. This applies to all but also and most importantly to those of African origin or currently living in Africa.

Now back to how it relates. This for now is the first message that I care to echo into the world through this blog. Afreecadotco needs the help of others to fully bring it to life, so in the meantime I will continue to spread the message of positive change and patiently await those that wish to do the same. I fear that despite Africa’s booming telecommunications industry this may not reach the people that we need to connect with most. Maybe if the banking sector can unlock the full potential of mobile phones in Africa there is hope yet. So just before I sat down to talk about exactly that, the thought struck me that everyone is currently doing something away from me. Away from here, where I echo this thought out from. So I hope the echo reaches the ears – or mostly like the eyes- of those 18-30 somethings living in Africa holding their phones in this moment.

Dream Afreeca



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