A happy mothers day to mama Africa.

A mother is still a woman, and a woman can always be a mother. So while I’m taking the time to acknowledge my own mother, I want to acknowledge all the women and more importantly mothers around the world. They play the most important role in shaping our societies because they are the nurturers of our young minds. This blog was started with the intention of helping to shape the future of African nations, so it must acknowledge and applaud the efforts of Mothers in Africa and the world too.

It’s been said before

One day really isn’t enough

You’ll have to excuse me

For not telling you enough

I love you

I appreciate you

And all that other stuff

But what I most want to say

Is thank you

Sometimes I’m stubborn

Often I’m rude

It’s a fault I have but that’s no excuse

You’ve raised me better

You’ve shown me how

To be the person I am today

To be a woman and so I pray

That with the values you’ve instilled in me

I continue to grow

To show the world even when they don’t know

The importance of a mother’s love.

Strength, grace, wisdom and beauty

That’s what my mama gave me.

So when I’m faced with societies’ assumptions

Of who I am and what is it to be

A Muslim, black and a woman

I want them to see you in me, mom

That’s all I’ll ever need

because a mothers love is what sets you free.

There aren’t really enough words to describe its depth

This poem isn’t enough to repay my debt

If I had enough money I would buy you the world

But this is what I can give you now

And a promise that I will somehow

Make you proud and give you what you deserve.

This is for you, and all the other women in our family. My aunts, my grandmother, my cousins. You make me proud to be who I am, and I hope that I can do the same. Any success I ever gain will always be yours too. I love you, Happy mothers day.

A footnote: To anybody with mothers and family in Africa, Asia and other emerging nations, make it your duty to better their lives too. Join in on Afreecadotco’s mission.


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